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Environmental Engineering

Safeguarding the biosphere with our Environmental Engineering services

We help you preserve your natural environment with leading environmental engineering solutions. Engineering that works for the environment by improving forest, urban or natural spaces.

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Services we offer as environmental engineering

We offer a wide range of professional Environmental Engineering and Consultancy services, joining the commitment to protect your environment. We can help you with:

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Environmental restoration of degraded areas

Drafting of projects, studies and reports on the recovery of degraded areas.

We are experts in:

Environmental restoration in extractive industries

Mining is a necessary mining activity but has a high impact on the environment and it is therefore essential to minimise the impact during its activity and to fully restore it once it is finished.

Environmental restoration in natural disasters

Climate change is significantly altering the virulence of environmental factors, producing catastrophes in the environment. Actions produced by wind, water or snow, fires, or anthropic actions such as pollution and dumping, must be minimised or eliminated in order to restore the natural values of the area.

Environmental restoration in linear works

All linear works generate cuttings and embankments that must be protected, stabilised or contained to prevent mass displacements or landslides that could damage this type of work.

GADIC offers the best solution adapted to each problem, always with criteria of durability, quality and viability.

Environmental restoration at landfills

Landfills, like extractive industries, are a necessity but also have a significant impact on the environment. Once their useful life is over, they must be restored and closed down, taking into account the particularities of the materials they store. GADIC has solved with solvency all the projects in which it has worked, both in Spain and in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Forest Gadic

Everything you need, in one place.

With many years of experience in the forestry sector, we work conscientiously to conserve and improve the natural environment. We offer effective and responsible advice to achieve sustainable forest management that balances activity and conservation. We do:

Farm management

We have been managing forestry estates for more than 10 years, advising owners on how to improve and develop their activity. If you are a forest owner and need advice, permit procedures, aid applications, reports or studies at a minimum cost, do not hesitate to contact us.

Management Plans

Drafting of Technical Management Plans. We take care of drafting and processing projects, as well as their complete management, relieving the owner of worries and allowing him to benefit from the improvements implemented.

Forest restoration and silvicultural treatments

We carry out projects of naturalisation, planting, reforestation and recovery of burnt areas, thus contributing to the environmental improvement of our forests for your enjoyment.

Forestry works and works

We design and manage a wide variety of forestry works and projects in both urban and natural environments. Our services include the design and site management of perimeter protection, high altitude pruning, forest treatments, road design, reforestation and much more. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each project is executed effectively and satisfactorily.

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Landscaping, ecology and urban environment

Reference environmental engineering.

The goal of landscaping is to create urbanised areas while minimising the impact on natural habitats, always under criteria of sustainability and environmental preservation. We help you with:

Sensory Gardens

Sensory gardens represent an innovative way to experience a public space, as they are designed to stimulate our senses and enhance our well-being. By carefully selecting vegetation, shapes, textures, aromas and materials, we create a unique environment where you will feel totally immersed and an integral part of the space.

Therapy gardens

This type of garden represents an adaptation of sensory gardens for health centres and hospitals, with the aim of facilitating natural therapies that complement traditional medicine. These spaces are designed to stimulate the recovery and rehabilitation of patients, improving their wellbeing through interaction with nature.

Rationalisation of public space

In our designs for public spaces, we seek to optimise space according to the needs of the users, achieving a functional and practical solution. At the same time, we strive to create visually attractive spaces that integrate harmoniously with their surroundings.

Green roofs/vertical gardens

Gardens on roofs or façades, beyond their aesthetic and functional value that allows the enjoyment of a green space in any urban environment, provide climatic benefits for the building in which they are located. They contribute to thermal regulation, facilitate rainwater collection and cushion the impact of weather conditions. They are therefore an excellent choice for buildings and detached houses, as they allow these structures to be harmoniously integrated into their surroundings.

Thematic/customised gardens

This service is aimed at hotel complexes and independent dwellings with large outdoor areas. We offer customised design, tailored to the needs of the users and based on a specific theme. We take care of designing detailed areas or spaces, including elements such as vegetation, water and furniture.

Naturalisation of interurban spaces

We offer studies and projects to revitalise the often neglected interurban areas that mark the transition between nature and the city. Our aim is to promote the naturalisation of these areas, achieving a progressive and fluid integration between the urban and natural landscape.

Spatial planning and development

Spatial planning projects, urban planning and rational use of the territory.

We contribute to urban planning and land management projects, preparing proposals for reparcelling and urbanisation for various areas. We work on the basis of various regulations, such as POUM, PGOU and its specific adjustments, municipal PAM, activity licences, PMU, PU.

We ensure that each project complies with the corresponding regulations and we manage each case until its conclusion.

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Mitigation of environmental impact, environmental and landscape improvement

Promoting Sustainability: Environmental and Landscape Enhancement Services.

Our main objective is to minimise the environmental impact of human activities, seeking their integration and adaptation to the natural environment.

We provide project development services and studies focused on environmental and landscape improvement.

These include:

  • Environmental Impact Studies.
  • Landscape Impact and Integration Analysis.
  • Environmental Sustainability Reports.
  • Preliminary Environmental Reports.
  • Floodability Studies.

All our environmental engineering projects ensure

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Global innovation:

We design innovative environmental solutions that protect and enrich our planet for future generations.

Guaranteed energy savings:

Our sustainable energy projects significantly reduce your company's costs and carbon footprint.

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Social and environmental commitment:

By choosing us, you demonstrate your responsibility and leadership in the fight against climate change.

Environmental engineering services for projects

Environmental engineering projects we have carried out

We develop your project in an agile way

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