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Energy engineering

Boost your sustainability with our Energy Engineering Services 

Transform your business with our leading energy engineering solutions. With our energy engineering expertise, your success and profitability are guaranteed.

Ingeniería energética
Ingenieria energia renovable

Services we offer as a renewable energy engineering company

We offer a wide range of services that promote the use of renewable energy, energy savings and energy efficiency. We can help you with:

Renewable Energies

Successful drafting of renewable energy projects and studies


We design, manage and execute photovoltaic projects for self-consumption on industrial, hotel, residential and domestic roofs, both on island and connected to the grid, with the best brands and value for money.

We also develop photovoltaic parks for investor groups and "turnkey" electricity distributors, taking care of all the necessary procedures and projects.

Wind energy

We have designed the accesses and maintenance platforms for 21 wind farms. We also offer construction reports for wind farms and mini wind farms for domestic or residential use.

If the wind studies are favourable, we can develop executive projects, in addition to taking care of the necessary studies and permits.

Our experience and expertise allow us to offer comprehensive and customised wind energy solutions.


We are a PEFC-certified supplier of biomass for six boilers, complying with quality standards. In addition, we export raw materials for use as fuel for biomass boilers in Europe, with a main focus on France.

As a specialised engineering company, we also design and supervise the implementation of new biomass boilers for both domestic, small-scale and industrial use, including thermal and cogeneration applications.


As a global company, GADIC has developed mini-hydro projects of up to 3 MWh in Costa Rica and Chile. These projects mainly supply energy to small population centres.

We take care of the project design, permits and construction management, always minimising the environmental impact and respecting the aquatic and plant communities in the implementation area.

Our commitment is to sustainability and respect for the environment.

Energy Saving audits and reports

Discover your path to savings and sustainability

We offer comprehensive energy audits and efficiency studies for hotels and industry.

We identify opportunities to optimise your consumption, reduce costs and increase the use of renewable energy. Always achieving significant savings.

We provide detailed reports and executive projects to facilitate the transition to energy efficiency.

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Energy efficiency certificates

We help you to certify the energy efficiency of your building

The Certification of the energy efficiency of buildings is a requirement derived from Directive 2002/91/EC and in force through Royal Decree 47/2007, of 19 January, which approves the Basic Procedure for the certification of energy efficiency in buildings.

Boost the value and performance of your building with our energy efficiency certification.

All our energy engineering projects ensure

innovacion eco

Global innovation:

We design innovative environmental solutions that protect and enrich our planet for future generations.

Guaranteed energy savings:

Our sustainable energy projects significantly reduce your company's costs and carbon footprint.

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Social and environmental commitment:

By choosing us, you demonstrate your responsibility and leadership in the fight against climate change.

Energy engineering services for projects

Energy engineering projects we have executed

We develop your project in an agile way

Ingeniería energía renovable


Tell us about your project and we will generate a tailor-made proposal.


We carry out the preliminary study and develop the project.


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