ingeniería de obras

Building and Construction Engineering

Build your projects with our Construction and Building Engineering services

With an integrated service approach, the Construction and Building Engineering department offers specialised Construction Management services, as well as Health and Safety Coordination services. Our commitment is to guarantee efficient and safe projects.

Ingeniería de obra y edificación
Ingeniería de obra y edificación (1)

Services we offer as site engineering and building services

We offer a comprehensive service through our engineering department, specialised in the industrial and civil sectors. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we integrate effective solutions for your projects.

Dirección y planificación de obra

Construction management and planning

Our experience in site and building engineering guarantees your projects.

GADIC is responsible for the management and planning of works, offering an integrated service to the projects it develops, as well as other competent environmental works.

Our team of specialised engineers work under the premises of efficiency, energy and cost savings, committed to meeting the required deadlines, in the continuous improvement of quality and the production process.

External Engineering Services (EES)

Innovative service to cover your environmental projects.

Our innovative service positions us as an additional department for your civil or industrial engineering, covering your environmental needs without the need to hire extra staff.

As an engineering company focused on these sectors, we offer the production of plans, reports and project parts to cover peak workloads externally, always under strict confidentiality and quality standards.

Health & Safety Coordination

We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

Health and safety are fundamental in all our actions, both for the well-being of workers and to prevent accidents at work.

We offer our service to carry out site coordination by technicians with proven experience in Occupational Risk Prevention, specialised in Safety.

All our site and building engineering projects ensure that

innovacion eco

Global innovation:

We design innovative environmental solutions that protect and enrich our planet for future generations.

Guaranteed energy savings:

Our sustainable energy projects significantly reduce your company's costs and carbon footprint.

Compromiso social y medioambiental (2)

Social and environmental commitment:

By choosing us, you demonstrate your responsibility and leadership in the fight against climate change.

Energy engineering services for projects

Construction and building engineering projects we have executed

We develop your project in an agile way

Ingeniería energía renovable


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