Municipal energy community Vilanova del Camí

Gadic has successfully designed and implemented a 1.5 MWp energy community in municipal buildings, raising the standard in energy efficiency.

Comunidad energética municipal Vilanova del Camí

Technical details

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environmental impact

The challenge

Project briefing

The challenge was to design and implement a community energy efficiency project in municipal buildings. The specific location required careful consideration of several factors, including environmental and infrastructure conditions.

The solution

Project development

Our solution involved the design of a 1.5 MWp renewable energy system. Through meticulous planning and detailed execution, we were able to overcome the challenges and move the project forward.

Comunidad energética municipal Vilanova del Camí (1)

The result

Project result

The result was an efficient and innovative energy community. With the successful implementation of this system, we were able to reduce our environmental impact, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development.